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Imagine Hillfields Podcast: Imagining the Past and Future of Community

Posted on November 28 2016 in News, News & Updates

The Sociological Review‘s Mark Carrigan has interviewed Mick Carpenter and Ben Kyneswood from our Imagine Hillfields project.

The Imagine Hillfields project is part of the Imagine project and our team at Warwick University worked in Hillfields, Coventry, site of the first Community Development Project (CDP) in 1970 and site of multiple regeneration interventions subsequently.

The team looked at how the various parties with an interest in Hillfields have imagined the future of the area, and how has this vision led them to take the decisions they did, going back to the 1970s. These insights give us an understanding of the past as shaped by community action and policy direction and the tensions and harmony therein.

You can listen to a podcast of the whole interview here or scroll down for a series of shorter micro-podcasts:


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